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Pottery Care Instructions

Washing by hand is always recommended.


Pieces with lusters such as gold or mother of pearl are not microwave safe and should not be washed in a dishwasher. 


Unless otherwise noted on the product page or tag, most of our pottery is dishwasher and microwave safe.

The manufacturers of the clays we use indicate that they're oven safe, however there are use caveats that alter this claim. It's best to include your pottery in your oven's pre-heat cycle and under no circumstances should pottery move between the refrigerator or freezer and a hot oven. It's because of this special care that we do not claim that our work is oven safe.

To enjoy your pottery for a long time to come

Avoid thermal shock (sudden changes in temperature) like

  • Pouring boiling water into piece that is not at room temperature

  • Cold iced beverages into hot piece, especially still hot from dishwasher

  • Handing mug of hot cocoa to a snowman

Avoid impacts like 

  • Clanking against hard surfaces

  • Packing too tightly in dishwasher

  • Sliding to recipient at other end of the bar (that rarely ends well)

  • Hitting with hammer

Avoid drops like

  • Cat knocking off table

  • Toddler toss

  • Amateur juggling 

  • Tripping over sleeping dog while carrying mug

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