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Custom Orders

Are you interested in pottery that is made just for you? I accept custom orders, whether you need one piece or 40. Here are some things to know and what to expect. Just contact me below to get started!


We're a small batch studio with a capacity of 40 pieces per batch. Orders over 40 pieces are delivered in multiple parts.


My pottery is handmade and wheel thrown (no molds). I've developed a skill for precision, but slight variations are expected. 

Small orders need 6 – 8 weeks turn around and large orders need 12 weeks. The turnaround time is based on the flow of my studio and how customized your request is. While I won’t promise it, there are scenarios where I can deliver a small custom order in as little as two weeks!


At this time I do not offer wholesale pricing.


Custom orders don’t cost more, I will evaluate the price per piece based upon the request.


We respect artistic creativity, intellectual property and copyrights/trademarks, so we will not copy another artists work. If you love another artists piece, please buy the piece from that artist.


While I can create all sorts of pottery, most custom orders are for mugs, so I’ll explain the details needed to get started here in terms of mugs.


I’m certainly not limited to the shapes below, but here are my most popular:  Tankard, Hourglass and Bellied

Tankard Mug
Hourglass Mug
bellied mug

I can target a specific capacity in fluid ounces or height in inches. 

Clay Type

I currently work in two types of stoneware clay that are microwave and dishwasher safe: White Clay and Speckled Buff.

Decoration Options

Glaze colors, Textures such as slip trailing or carving, Sgraffito, Glazed on line art or lettering - single color or multi color, Stamped Medallions with color inlay for line art or lettering, Custom overglaze decals for multi color logos or images, Lusters such as gold or mother of pearl (lusters are not dishwasher or microwave safe).

Please don’t be overwhelmed or shy about contacting me, even if you're not sure what you'd like. I'm an artist! I'm happy to accept "artists' choice" requests and I can move at the pace that makes you most comfortable. 

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