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A Project to Make Your Heart Soar

Let me tell you about a good friend who has been sharing my pottery with people she meets, who have touched her life in special ways.

Cathy practices kindness and appreciation, and she's generous with her time and resources. One thing that I find remarkable is that she attends burial services for veterans who have no loved ones, services that would otherwise be unattended. She also helps with Mr. Bob's Under the Bridge, a local group that assists the homeless. She's one of the good ones.

I started making "flying heart" mugs in 2023, but the only way to have one so far is if you've been good to my friend Cathy. Cathy loved the design so much that she bought all that I had made and started gifting them to the people she meets.

Cathy recently told me how she presents the mugs. She cradles the mug, she explains to the good person how they have impacted her life in a positive way, and she tells them they are loved. Then she gives them their mug. Sometimes she adds the footnote "No, I'm not dying (yet)" She's pretty funny.

Since last year she's needed more and more flying heart mugs and it makes me happy that there so many good, mug worthy people around Cathy. :)

Cathy's project is not the only kindness project I've participated in through pottery.

A while ago a friend asked me to make a large batch of sgraffito mugs that all said "Don't worry, be happy". He gave the mugs to his favorite people for Christmas gifts. How cool is that? I just love that maybe someone feels a little better when they use these special, thoughtful mugs.

For our own kindness project and helping out, we donated a bunch of mugs to an organization that assists homeless veterans by placing them in housing and supplying them with household items. We usually operate under the radar, but if the tales of our giving help to inspire others, that's a good thing.

Cathy's kindness is contagious, and you don't even need pottery to play along!

For a long time I felt "weird" telling people how I felt about them, but over time I've learned that a simple kind gesture can make someone's day. When you get used to expressing the appreciation you feel within, it feels good for you too!

So yes, I'm the one in your inbox letting you know that I'm thinking of you. I'm the lady at the checkout complimenting a fast cashier. I'm the one watching staff at a restaurant and acknowledging their hustle with some supportive words. A real weirdo. :)

I'm happy to be able to share the story of these kindness projects with you, I hope it inspires you to seek out good people and to express your appreciation in your own way.

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You always make me smile with your writings.

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